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The Manufacturing Alliance

May 19, 2018

Additive Manufacturing: How Additive Manufacturing Mold Components Offer Advantages

Host: Tony Demakis, Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales
Co-Host: Rich Oles, ROI Rich Oles Industries
Guest: William Sames, HTS International
Guest: John Tenbusch, Linear AMS  

The Manufacturing Alliance Live at NPE2018 thanks to our partners at Gardner Business Media: Plastics Technology Magazine, Additive Manufacturing Magazine, Mold Making Technology Magazine.

Rich Oles and I had the pleasure of sitting down with William Sames and John Tenbusch to discuss the how Additive Manufacturing is growing and changing the industry. Some of those topics included:

• The different types of Additive Manufacturing.

• Challenges and benefits of Additive Manufacturing.

• What things to avoid when implementing AM.

• The future of Additive Manufacturing. 

• How can AM help improve cycle times and performance. 

• The importance of water systems for better results

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