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The Manufacturing Alliance

Dec 26, 2019

On this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, Christina Fuges of MoldMaking Technology and I sat down with the AMBA Executive Board. Justin McPhee from Mold Craft, Toby Bral from MSI Mold Builders, and Jim Sperber from Master Tool and Mold, Inc. spoke to us about the advantages of the AMBA and all that they have to offer. We talked about the advantages of networking and building relationships and just how easy it can be through AMBA events. The board told us what they thought about the future of mold making and how it has changed significantly with an increase in the integration of technology used for efficiency. They all enjoy being knowledgeable resources with their wealth of knowledge and would rather help others than keep their successes a secret.

Follow AMBA's Executive Board:

Website: Justin McPhee
LinkedIn: Mold Craft

Website: Toby Bral
LinkedIn: MSI Mold Builders

Website: Jim Sperber
LinkedIn: Master Tol and Mold, Inc.