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The Manufacturing Alliance

May 19, 2018

NPE2018 The Wrap Up Show. 

Host: Tony Demakis, Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales
Co-Host: Christina Fuges, MoldMaking Technology Magazine
Guest: Cyndi Kustush, MoldMaking Technology Magazine
Guest: Barbara Schulz, MoldMaking Technology Magazine

The Manufacturing Alliance Live at NPE2018 thanks to our partners at Gardner Business Media: Plastics Technology Magazine, Additive Manufacturing Magazine, Mold Making Technology Magazine.

The ladies of MoldMaking Technology and I take look back over the past five days of NPE2018 to discuss the technology and trends we saw over five days on the show floor at the largest North American Plastics event ever. We share some stories, fun and even fashion from NPE2018. I guarantee this is a wrap up show you wont want to miss. 

Some topics include: 

• Moldmaker collaborations and demos on the show floor

• Advances in conformal cooling

• Growth of additive manufacturing in plastics

• Mold monitoring and data management

• Innovative molding processes and automation cells


Follow our guests online:

Christina Fuges - LinkedIn
Cyndi Kustush - LinkedIn
Barbara Schulz - LinkedIn