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The Manufacturing Alliance

May 19, 2018

Introducing the Plastics Technology Alliance. Three great companies joining forces to bring more opportunities to their customers. 

Host: Tony Demakis, Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales
Co-Host: Christina Fuges, MoldMaking Technology Magazine
Guest: Mike Zacharias, Extreme Tool
Guest: Ray Coombs, Westminster Tool
Guest: Justin McPhee, Mold Craft 

The Manufacturing Alliance Live at NPE2018 thanks to our partners at Gardner Business Media: Plastics Technology Magazine, Additive Manufacturing Magazine, Mold Making Technology Magazine.

Christina Fuges and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ray Coombs, Mike Zacharias, and Justin McPhee to discuss their new collaboration project called The Plastics Technology Alliance. Formed as a way to create new opportunities, each company brings unique skill sets which will enhance their offerings and increase the customer experience. Listen to hear how three friends and leaders are ready to change the industry forever.

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